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Welcome to the official home page of the Essex County Youth Foundation

Please click on one of our scholarship winners for more information



To provide resources that assist the Youth of Essex County in achieving their personal aspirations, while promoting the goals of the youth organizations.

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As an non profit organization all about youth, we offer three different kinds of scholarships every year for those that meet the particular requirements. If you are interested in receiving a scholarship, please click on one of our links below and see which scholarship fits you. You can also check out our scholarship page to find some of our past winners. We look forward to hearing from you! Please note that our applications have changed this year (2022). 

For our 4-H Scholarship click here
For our Challenge Scholarship click here
For our Leadership Scholarship click here
For our Trade School/Emergency Services Scholarship click here

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Looking to donate? Then look no further! All funds donated to the Essex County Youth Foundation go towards helping youth .

So feel free to email us by clicking here or simply send your donations at: 

PO BOX 263

TOPSFIELD MA 01983-0363

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3/25/2024 - Website design changes

1/23/2024 - Included new Scholarship; Trade School/Emergency Services. Please click the link to find out more.

7/17/2023 - Included 2023 Scholarship winner; Morgan. Congratulations!

5/27/2023 - Made additional changes to website layout

2/19/2023 - Changed website layout and design

2/5/2023 - Created links on main page for all scholarship winners

1/28/2023 - Made editing changes to Main Page and Memoriam page

1/14/2023 - Included eulogy for Mike Attridge in the "In Memoriam 

1/13/2023 - Added 2022 Scholarship Winner's Pictures

1/3/2023 - Scholarship Applications have been updated on both main page and Scholarship page.
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