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Charles C.

Scholarship Reception

Essex County Youth Building

Topsfield, Ma

June 26, 2018

Charles C. of Lynn MA was selected for an Essex County Youth Foundation Scholarship. He is receiving the Ormond and Minetta Scott Memorial Challenge Scholarship. Charles is a graduate of Solstice School in Rowley. He will be attending the University of Mass Amherst and major in Exo-Biology and Creative writing. 

Charles has achieved high marks in his time at the Solstice School. He has already received the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship for scoring advanced performance on the high school state assessment test (MCAS) and placed in the top 25 percent of students in the graduating class in his district. His essay for this Scholarship was, by far, the most unique essay the committee has ever received. He has been described as someone who has stepped out of his comfort zone and participated in all activities and opportunities provided to him. He is an inquisitive individual who is adept at both literature and science. His caring, creative attitude combined with a hard-working ethic has shown itself in his volunteering at the Topsfield Fair on his own time and on the many occasions he has helped the Essex County Youth Foundation in whatever way we've needed him. His volunteering has been both in the community and his involvement at school.


Charlie C

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