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Other Scholarship Winners

Emily G

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Sarah F

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Anastasia S. (NOT PICTURED)

Scholarship Reception

Essex County Youth Building

Topsfield, Ma

June 26, 2018

Anastasia S. of Salem, MA was selected for an Essex County Youth Foundation Leadership Scholarship. She is receiving the Charles and Dorothy Blanchard Memorial Scholarship. Ana is a graduate of Salem High School. She plans to attend the University of Mass Amherst and major in Public Health and Nursing. 

While Ana's goals may be in Nursing and Public Health, she has been described as someone who is passionate about art. Her artwork has been recognized and she was inducted into the National Art Honor Society for her academic and art abilities. Academically, her goal orientated approach and persistence has put her on the Honor Roll every semester since the second semester of her freshman year. 

Ana has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has been a vital part to her Girl Scout Troop. She has shown increased leadership skills and activity over the years. Ana was the recipient of the "Girl Scout Silver Award", which she earned in middle school and is now close to earning the Gold award which is the highest award in Girl Scouts. Other activities include her involvement in peer mentoring program, at Salem High, in which she assists new students that are having difficulties or need mentoring. She also enjoyed mentoring younger children through the Girl Scouts. She believes that through this, she has learned effective ways to communicate and help people. Skills that have enhanced her abilities as a leader. 


Scholarship Reception

Essex County Youth Building

Topsfield, MA

June 28, 2016

Bethany S. of Peabody, MA was selected for an Essex County Youth Foundation Scholarship. She is receiving the Harold and Doris Cleary Memorial Leadership Scholarship. Bethany graduated from Bedford High School and plans to study Environmental Science. She has been accepted to Maine Machias 2+2 Environmental Studies. Bethany is currently a Senior Cadet in the MA-791st Bedford Air Force Junior ROTC and has been there for 3 years. She says she learned many valuable lessons in the program along with doing many community service events. She has also been a member of Great Scott's 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Club. She serves in the Club as the Hospitality Officer and as a Junior Leader in the Junior Leader Cabinet. Her experience in the JROTC has helped with the leadership that is required in the Club. Bethany's JROTC instructor describes Bethany as "Head and Shoulders" above her peers in military knowledge and bearing. He says she has an innate ability to operate at level well above expectations. She won the General Military Excellence Award and her instructor noted that no-one else was even close. She is also the only Cadet to win the Outstanding Cade (Female) on 2 consecutive years. Bethany has been further described as persistent, passionate and dedicated to improving herself and those around her. The JROTC sees her as an achiever and excepts that she will excel in college as she did in their program.  


Scholarship Reception

Essex County Youth Building

Topsfield, Ma

June 28, 2016

Gregory N. of Lawrence, MA was selected for an Essex County Youth Foundation Scholarship. He is blind and is receiving the Ormond and Minetta Scott Memorial Challenge Scholarship. Gregory graduated in the top 10% of his class from Humanities and Leadership High School in Lawrence, MA. He has been accepted to the Salem State University where he plans on pursuing a degree in psychology. His teachers and councilor describe him as highly intelligent, ambitious and hardworking. They note that he exhibits perseverance and intergrity. Along with integrity they further describe him as being polite, respectful and having humility. One teacher explains that he had no experience in teaching the blind but was greatly helped by Gregory. Gregory has volunteered for kitchen staff at the CORUNUM Meal Center and as a Youth Worker at the YMCA. He is also on the Step Team in JROTC. 

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